I built my career in the accounting field because it appealed to me.  I actually do like to put numbers in little boxes? and solve problems, as geeky as it sounds.  The orderliness of accounting sits well with me, too.  In accounting, there is always an answer and I have the perseverance to find it.

What grew from the accounting foundation was a passion for tax law.  I enjoy researching and helping clients find an answer that best suits their situation.  No two scenarios are exactly the same so this makes tax exciting to me.

I’m a big believer in working with other business owners whose values align with mine. Namely, being e authentic and trustworthy.

I also know that we’re are all striving for work-life balance and believe it’s important that we approach our lives with compassion. .  It’s why I love to help and why I want to take something off your figurative plate.