Tax planning and preparation

Have you walked out of your tax preparer’s office wondering “why do I have to pay?” or “I didn’t owe this much last year”? Chances are you and your accountant weren’t in touch much during the year and they were surprised too.

Don’t wait until you’re meeting with your tax accountant after the year has closed.

Know your tax position and take a proactive approach to managing your tax liability.

We work with you during the entire year to prepare you mentally and ensure there are no surprises..

We do this with these types of services:

Proactive tax planning

 Periodic meetings with clients to determine estimated tax position before


 Guidance on proper tax deductions and explanation of law.

 Review of previous filed returns to determine additional deductions and tax

savings scenarios

Featherstone offers tax return preparation and filing for individual filers and

businesses specifically in the areas of pass-through entities such as LLCs & S-Corps

and high net worth individual returns.